Frequently Asked Questions About Cleansing Pt.2 (With Environ)

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I have been using the Environ Skin Care Original Range Religiously for the past two weeks now and my skin has never felt better. Of course, when we find good things we must share it with others, so you can find out more about the Environ Range here: You’ll also be able to find a stockist near you! (Which is basically every Sorbet franchise in SA!) Okay, so as promised I will be answering some questions about Cleansing, last week we spoke about Pre-cleansing.

What is Environ’s philosophy on cleansing – how often should you cleanse your skin?
– You should cleanse your skin twice a day, every morning and evening. Make sure to wash your face after every workout to prevent breakouts. Over-cleansing though, can lead to irritation and lack of moisture.
– Oily skin should stick to washing their faces once a day. Dry skin types must wash their faces twice a day to remove debris out of your pores and allow them to breathe.

– Find a cleansing routine that works for you. Washing your face more than twice a day is not recommended. Stick to once or twice a day.

Will double cleansing strip your skin of its natural oils and hydration?
– If you don’t double cleanse, you might experience Breakouts and clogged pores, as a result of residual product, dead skin, bacteria, dirt and sebum. It can also lead to a dry, dehydrated kind of complexion.
– Over cleansing, however, such as aggressive scrubbing and washing your face too often can lead to a compromised skin barrier which could lead to sensitivity, inflammation and irritation.
– When using the Environ Pre-Cleanser and Foaming Gel Cleanser correctly, you should experience healthier and more hydrated skin. Double cleansing should only be done at night. In the mornings, stick to your normal cleanser.

Soap Bars to cleanse skin is NOT A GOOD IDEA- Why?
– Do not wash your face with bar soap. It is important that you are using a skin product that was made specifically to cleanse your skin- These products are formulated to be gentler on the skin.
– Soap Bars could lead to dry skin- it literally pulls the water out of your skin and creates dead skin cell build up. It might even make your skin feel tighter and leave it looking dehydrated.
– Using Bar Soap can lead to weak skin, break outs, wrinkles and to creates an environment in which makes it easier for germs to breed.

Is there a specific cleansing routine which will help control oily skin?
– Using the Environ Skin Care Original Range only will help you alleviate oily skin completely. Just starting with pre-cleansing and cleansing can lead to skin that looks and feels healthier and less oily.

What’s the difference between a creamy cleanser and a gel?
– Sulfate-free gel is best for a morning cleansing routine. A good gel cleanser will leave your skin glowing. Gel cleansers are designed to remove excess oils from the skin. If you have overly oily skin, a gel cleanser is recommended.
– Cream cleansers are made to add moisture to your skin- this is helpful for dry, aging skin. It should leave the skin feeling moisturised and relaxed. It can leave residual oil on the skin which might prevent the active ingredients being absorbed by the skin.

Can a cleanser effectively remove makeup?
– In order to get the most out of cleansing your skin, remove your make up before cleansing. This can be done using the Environ Pre-Cleanser or your usual make-up remover.

Can I use my cleanser to remove eye makeup?
– This is not recommended as certain cleansers may have specific ingredients which can are harmful to the eye. Your eyes are extremely sensitive, using a make up remover that is dedicated to eye make up is recommended. Your Environ pre-cleanser can be used to remove eye make up if it is used with a cotton wool swob or pad.

There you have it ladies, if you have anymore questions about the Environ Range, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me! I am really loving this range and I know you will too! It’s never too late, your skin can be Reborn Beautiful too!

Until Next Time!



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