Let’s Talk About Toning (With Environ)

Hey City Girls!

So honesty hour, until a few months ago, I had no idea what a toner was and what is was used for. But then last year I wanted to start taking better care of my skin and a bought a toner, which I used for months- still not knowing what is actually did for my skin. LOL

After asking some of my friends, I was told that it was really good for your skin and that it minimised your pores. Cool.

But after doing some in-depth research with the of my Environ Skin Care specialist, I was able to answer a few of my questions that you might need answers to as well.

So let’s get into it shall we?


1. Why should you tone your skin – what are the benefits?
– There are numerous benefits to toning your skin. Toning is a vital part of the cleansing process as it is able to remove excess oil, dirt and debris which may have been left behind by your cleanser. Toning your skin will lead to smoother and more norished skin surface, as well as make your skin feel hydrated.

2. When should you tone? How does it fit into the daily routine?
– Toning should be done twice a day after cleansing, to achieve optimal results. Toning in the morning and evening will give your skin the nourishment it needs!

3. How is the Environ Revitalising Toner different to others?
– The Environ Revitalising Toner contains mild fruit acids which act as a gentle exfoliator thereby promoting radiance to the skin and refining texture. This toner also assists in absorption of products which were left behind on the skin.

4. Can you leave off the toner if your budget is tight?
– a lot of people believe that Toner is not necessary and doesn’t do much for your skin. If you have normal skin, you should be fine without a toner as long as you’re cleansing well and keeping your pores clean.  But if you have oily skin, a toner can contribute to removing oil because it contains salicylic acid.

5. Should an oily or problematic skin use a toner?
– Oily skin should definitely make use of a toner to remove excess oil and help the skin feel less oily and more nourished.
– If you have problematic skin, a toner that contains alcohol may cause an irritation on your skin. The myth behind toners is that is closes your pores and keeps them from getting clogged- this is not true. Toners, well actually the alcohol they contain, can cause your pores to swell, giving the appearance of tighter pores. Problematic skin types should use a toner every few days and and not as often as other skin types.

So I hope that, if you were like me a few months ago, you know a bit more about toning your skin now 🙂

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Until next time!

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