Environ Firming Eye Gel!

Hey 20-Somethings!

As I enter the 6th week of my Environ skincare journey, I am starting to see positive changes in my skin tone and the feel of my skin. One of the products I was really excited to use was the firming eye gel. I am unfortunately burdened by these little black bags under my eyes, they suck. So unless I’m wearing make up, I’ve been cursed to look tired all the time -which I am most of the time- but still.

I had given up on Eye gels, I tried so many and nothing seemed to be working for me, this could be because I wasn’t using the products often enough or would skip days here and there. So let me start this by saying: Eye gels are a dedication, you need to be committed to that product like there’s no tomorrow. So when I received this product, I thought, what the hell, let’s give it a try. 
So far I have noticed that the circles around my eyes have gotten lighter and not as dark, but I still have some fine lines- but I’m trusting that the product will work its magic soon and I’ll see the results I desire!

So as usual, this week I’ll be answering some common questions about eye gels, so let’s get into it?

1. From what age should one start using an eye gel?

The eyes are usually the first part of your face to show signs of ageing, in order to avoid this happening too early, many dermatologists recommend using a lightweight eye cream from about 20 years of age. 

2. What’s the best way to apply an eye product?

Eye Cream should be applied after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing your face. Environ Eye Gel can be used on the eye lids too. The product should be dabbed in gently along your upper cheek bone (orbital bone) up to the outer corners of your eyes. Dabbing gently using your ring finger, will give you the best out of your product.

3. Can you apply the eye gel on the lids and directly under the eye?

This is not advised with normal eye gels, as the product warms up due to your body temperature, the product will make its way closer to your eye. But if you are using the Environ Eye Gel, then you can!

4. Can dark circles be improved with an eye product?

Yes. Some products work overnight but others require dedication on your part before they start working. However, if dark circles are a result of an internal problem, then eye gel will not be effective.

5. What can you do to get rid of under eye puffiness?

Lack of sleep is the biggest contributor to puffy eyes when you’re younger. In order to avoid it happening to you, make sure you’re getting your full 8 hours of sleep and getting to bed at a reasonable hour each night – it’s called beauty sleep for a reason. 

Dehydration can also be a contributing factor to puffiness under the eyes. So drinking water regularly throughout the day will help irradiate puffiness. Getting enough sleep and water combined with a good Eye Gel should eradicate puffy eyes. 

6. Is an eye cream / gel worth it, or can I use my moisturiser to do the job?

You need to use an eye gel around the eye area as the skin is more delicate and therefore needs a product like an eye gel which is especially formulated for the eye area. 
Don’t forget to send me a message (from the contact section) if you have any skincare questions for me and the Environ team!

You can also purchase your own Environ products here.

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Love and Light!



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