Frequently Asked Questions about the Environ Step-Up System

Happy Friday, 20 Somethings!

So as I enter the second last week of my Environ skin Journey, I’m starting to take note of the effects the product has had on my skin. There are a few negative things but loads of positive things, so be sure to check out my post next week, where I will be giving you the final verdict on The Environ Skincare Range.

This week, I am focussing on their Original Debut Moisturiser (Vitamin Step-Up System Level 1)

This cream is light moisturiser containing a low concentration of Vitamin A which is essential as a skin Nutrient. It also contains Vitamin C and E as well as a combination of antioxidants, that will leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished. This moisturiser contributes to nourished skin and also improves the appearance of uneven skin tone as well as sun damage.

So let’s get into some of the most asked questions about this product, shall we?

Frequently Asked Questionsabout the EnvironStep-Up System


What are the signs that your skin is lacking vitamin A?
When your skin lacks Vitamin A, it will be uneven, rough and sallow. Due to loss of collagen and elastin, your skin may suffer from pre-mature ageing.

How does the Environ STEP-UP™ SYSTEM work?
This system starts on low levels of Vitamin A (I am currently using the Debut which is level 1) The moisturisers go up to Ultra, with the levels of Vitamin A increasing with every step.

How soon can you step up your moisturiser?
After going your first tube of the debut moisturiser, you can then do two tubes of the next levels each before moving on.
What are the different vitamin A derivatives – is the same form found in all skin care?
The different forms of vit A are Beta-Carotene, Retinyl Palmitate, Retinyl Acetate and Retinol. Different forms are used in different products.

What does vitamin A do for skin?
It helps to normalise skin functions and protects the DNA of cells and prevents sun induced aging while also hydrating the skin.

There you have it, if you have any other questions about the Environ Skincare Range, please don’t hesitate to send them to me! I’ll see you guys next week for my final review!

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One thought on “Frequently Asked Questions about the Environ Step-Up System

  1. Hello,
    I have been using the step up system. Only one the first stage, and using it on my face and neck.
    Can I use it on my decolatage?


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