Eau Thermale: Avène (Product Review)

Hey 20 Somethings!
Today I am reviewing a product Rubybox Beauty sent me The Eau Thermale, Avene Hydrating Skin Tone Perfector. 

This product promises to hydrate the skin, while giving you a healthy glow and even skin tone. Sounds Great! It also contains SPF 30, to keep your skin protected and is slightly tinted to give you the even skin tone you desire.
I’m not gonna lie, when I received it, I had no idea what it was. The packaging is in like 4 different languages, it was hard to find the title! But after checking out the Rubybox website I was able to figure it out. 
It comes in two options: Light (for normal to combination skin) and Rich (for dry skin), this review is based on the Light option.
So I applied it after finishing my usual cleansing routine. I got a fright to realize how tinted it actually is. Like it’s great for my skin, but I’m not sure how this tint works for girls who are lighter than me. I learnt the hard way that you don’t need a lot of this product. A little goes a long way.

Here is the Befor and after:

When applying it to my skin, the texture of the product is harder than most moisturizers. I found that it didn’t spread as easily over my skin as other products do… this made me wonder how on earth it could actually do anything for my skin. But once I had applied it, damn. My skin was glowing. No really glowing! I don’t know how they did it but my skin tone was perfect and looked incredibly healthy. And not only did it look good, it FELT great too! My skin feels so soft and smooth- and it lasted all day!
This product definitely surprised me! 

If you wanna try it out, it’s available at Clicks and Dischem for R199,95!

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