Pil’aten Black Head Remover (product review)

Hey 20 Somethings,Today I will be reviewing a product that took social media by storm, the Pilaten Mask, by Brinea Beauty. 

So there’s a lot of hype around this product and I was very excited to have received a sample from Rubybox Beauty. The mask is aimed to remove blackheads from your skin, leaving it clearer and smoother. 
Before applying the mask, you have to steam your face, you can do this by pouring hot water in a bowl and let your face soak up the steam while under a towel. This opens up your pores so that the mask can penetrate them easier. 

Before Pic: (please excuse the red nose, my allergies are not being nice to me)

When applying the mask, it is thick, but spreads easily over your skin, make sure you’re applying an even layer, so that some sides aren’t thinner than the other. Be careful not to apply the mask on your eyebrows, this seems self-explanatory, but I did it – a few times. (It’s okay, it comes off with some water.)
It dries pretty quickly, and be ready because once it’s dry. It’s dry. Like, can’t move your face dry. I left it on for 20 mins.

Removing is painful. You need to be pretty committed to getting it off. It hurts. It’s not worse than threading but it’s pretty close. Once it was off, my skin felt smoother but still looked pretty much the same.
I checked out the mask to check for all the things it removed from my pores, it’s safe to say, I was highly disappointed. There was nothing. I’m not sure if that means I’ve been taking good care of my skin, but nothing came off. Bleh.
Is it worth the hype? no.

Are there easier ways to remove blackheads? Yes.

If you wanna try it out for yourself, you can get it off the Brinea website. 
Until next time!

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