Curl Diary: Hask Coconut Oil Range

Hello, My Curlfriends!

As we continue my Curl Diary, I am going to talk about a product that I am in love with. It’s the Hask, Coconut Oil Range. Clicks started selling Hask products a while back and I remember buying it because I wanted to change up my hair care routine.

Curl Diary

Since I’ve started using this product, I haven’t yet found one that works as well on my curls. And it smells amazing.

Hask has lot’s of options, from Argon Oil based hair products to Coconut Oil, it all depends on what your hair needs. I personally am a Coconut Oil girl.

It’s free from Sulphates and Parabeens so thats a plus and as far as I know, it’s safe to use on hair that has been Brazilianed.

It has completely revitalised my hair during the years of using it. My hair feels a lot more healthy and has a natural shine at all times. My curls are soft and fluffy, with reduced frizz due to my leaving in the conditioner. It even makes my hair look and feel healthy even when it’s straight. It’s great.

FullSizeRender 13

It’s a bit on the pricy side, at R150+ per bottle, but it lasts long, I usually need to replace the shampoo after 2 months and the conditioner a little bit before that (as I use it more)

Be sure to keep an eye out this week as I tell you about my journey with the Tresemme Botanique Range!

Until Next Time,

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