Eurotrip: Amsterdam

I knew the moment I arrived in Amsterdam I was going to fall in love with the city. It’s such a pretty city, and I’m probably gonna say that a lot on this trip. But still. It’s amazingly pretty.
From the green trees, to the old buildings, to almost getting knocked over by cyclists, the city definitely has a charm of its own.
I spent the day exploring. Vondelpark is near the city center and is a must see on your trip to Amsterdam. It’s beautiful and filled with people doing yoga, karate and other organized group activities. It’s got some good locations for pictures if that’s what you’re after. 
The first night started with a bang, the tour group visited the infamous Red Light District. If you’re of age, it’s a great time. Experiencing the culture in Amsterdam at its core. We visited an adult club which put on a special show for us. We then spent the rest of the night visiting the local pubs and bars, and even stopped at The Bulldog, which is the first Coffee Shop in Amsterdam.

Things to know before you go:

– always pack a jacket, Amsterdam is known for its rain.

– Look out for cyclists and stay out of the cycling lane!

– No pictures in the RLD, your phone will end up in the canal.

– Hold onto your valuables, the city is known for its pickpockets.  
On our second day in Amsterdam, we went out to the country side- Edam. This part of Amsterdam is known for its cheese and clogs. We started the day with a beautiful bike tour through Edam. The bikes that most people ride in Amsterdam are Granny Bikes, which have no gears and are pretty hard to get the hang of if you’re used to a traditional mountain bike. 

We then went to see how Cheese and Clogs were made by the natives and did some cheese tasting and souvenir shopping.
The afternoon was spent exploring the city and doing some shopping. We visited the I Amsterdam sign, which was extremely busy and almost impossible to get a decent picture. We went shopping in the area around Amsterdam Central which was buzzing on a Saturday afternoon. All the big names in shopping are there, it’s great if shopping is your aim! 

The evening started with a Private Canal Cruise, this is something you must do in Amsterdam, so you can really experience the beauty of the city from the canals.

We then headed off for dinner in the traditional town of Volendam, where I had a traditional Dutch meal. Try the fish. It’s delicious. The night ended with us partying into the early hours of the morning. There are lots of great night club spots in Amsterdam and you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

All in all, Amsterdam gets an A+ from me and has moved up on my list of favorite cities. I plan on retiring here- that’s how much I love it. 
Now we’re off to Berlin! Woohoo! 

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