360Training: Boxfit (1st Impression)

So 360Training is running a campaign, which basically got me a month’s free membership which will allow me access to all their classes for August! Pretty awesome right?

360Training is a specialised training facility, they offer classes like Boxfit, Kettle bell, Bikini Body, CardioBlast etc. -Classes that are specific to your fitness goals.

I decided to try out the Boxfit class, I thought after a long day of work, it would be a chilled out class to take to end my day. I was so wrong. I died. A million times. Like I though I was fit, but clearly I was not Boxfit. The mat underneath my punching bag was wet with my sweat. It was great.

FullSizeRender 16

The class is beginner friendly, despite the fact that there were people who have clearly been in the class for ages. The instructor is always walking around ensuring that everyone is keeping up with the pace of the class and he tries his best to correct you on your technique if you’re getting it wrong.


It must be noted that this class is not for the faint hearted. The instructors will push you to your limits but if you’re dedicated to your fitness goal, you won’t let some shouting and slaps in the face (When you aren’t keeping your gloves up) deter you in any way.


At the end of the day, it was an insane workout, my arms are shaking as I type this. What I really like about the 360 classes is that is seems like more of a community vibe than the classes I’ve taken at my local gym. The instructors know the names of the regulars and everyone seems determined to get the job done as well as help out someone who is struggling. Plus its always nice to have someone understand where you’re coming from when you swear under your breath during a class.

I’ll be trying to get to as many Boxfit classes as I can this month, that is my goal for August. If I have a chance I will try out some of their other classes and be sure to let you know how it goes!

Check them out at 360training.co.za

Until next time!

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