African Extracts #RooibosRepair Facial Oil

There are many pros and cons to using a facial oil. Some people love it and achieve amazing results and others prefer to stick to the more traditional products. When I received the African Extracts Rooibos Repair Facial Oil from the Beauty Bulliten, I was excited to use it because I had never used a facial oil before.

First Impression
“Whoa! This bottle is cool!” – Seriously, the packaging of this product is like something from the future, you twist the cap and a little button pops up which you use to dispense the oil. Its so cool! It smells amazing and a few drops go very far!

Do you need a Facial Oil?
A facial oil is great for skin that suffers from dryness, flakiness or dehydration that isn’t being cured by your moisturiser. A facial oil is a great component to add to your skincare routine in addition to your moisturiser. (First cleanse, tone, apply facial oil then moisturise.)
Facial Oils are helpful for keeping the skin’s own hydration locked in. They also work great at smoothing our your skin’s surface.

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10 Fun Facts about The African Extracts Daily Repair Facial Oil (according to their website):
– It offers protection against environmental damage from the sun that causes premature ageing.
– It minimises the appearance of dark spots and marks.
– It brightens the skin, leaving you with an even, radiant skin tone.
– It’s all natural!
– It’s made using several flowers and plants, including rose, lavender, geranium, chamomile, jojoba, neem seed oil and rooibos!
– It’s non-greasy and light, unlike other oil products
– It’s endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.
– Because it is plant-based its suitable for vegans too.
– A few drops at night can help restore the damage caused by the day
– It’s super Affordable at R180 a pop!

My Opinion?
I use it at night because it’s an oil and I don’t trust it to be out during the day with it on my face (you know, brown girls burn too.) I have noticed an improvement in my skin tone and I wake up with my skin looking radiant from the previous nights application. It also feels great, smooth and hydrated.

Though it claims to be non-greasy, it still makes my skin quite shiny (another reason to use it at night) Once it dries, your skin doesn’t feel oily at all, but it will still have a bit of a shine. It’s best to apply a moisturiser afterwards. Do not use this product as a replacement to your moisturiser.

I do love this product and it is now a part of my skin care regime. And I LOVE affordable products! Considering you only need a few drops, I’m sure this is going to last me forever!

Shoutout to African Extracts and The Beauty Bulliten for hooking me up with this product!

Watch my Youtube Review here!

Until Next Time!


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