4 Books To Read During Lockdown

What’s Up Naturalistas!

We’re almost at the end of this lockdown and if you’re not lucky enough to be working from home and keeping busy, you’re probably going to be looking for something to do. I’ve been reading a bit during this lockdown time and it’s been lovely to get back to the books. So I thought I’d share some of my favourite books I’ve read in the past and why they’re great lockdown reads. 

  1. Michelle Obama, Becoming

I’m sure this book is on a lot of lists. But thats because it’s a great read. It’s probably one of the most inspiring books I’ve read in a while. It took me forever to get through, but that was because I was trying to give it my full attention every time I picked it up. Eventually I started listening to parts of the audio book, which is even better, It’s like a podcast by Michelle Obama. Every woman should read this book. 

2. Angie Thomas, The Hate You Give

Again, another book on a lot of lists. I really, really enjoyed this book. It was a heartbreaking insight into the #BlackLivesMatter movement and how police brutality affects the black American communities. Everyone should read this book, no matter what colour you are. This book will make you question the stories you see in the news, the ways these stories are designed to make you assume that the police are always right. The Hate You Give is probably one of my favourite books of all time, read it.

3. Nadia Hashimi, The Pearl That Broke It’s Shell

Okay, if you haven’t read anything from Nadia Hashimi, you have to get on that right away. She’s one of my favourite authors. Her books focus on women’s issues in Afghanistan and what life is like for women there. Her writing breaks my heart every time I pick up one of her books. Some of the subject matter is a bit hectic and I sometimes have to put her books down for a moment. But she’s telling stories that have to be told by the women of Afghanistan and heard by the world. 

4. Malcolm Gladwell, Talking to Strangers

So initially I bought this book because I thought it would help me with my social anxiety and help me talk to, well, strangers. I really suck at networking. But that’s not really what this book is about and actually I really enjoyed it despite the misconception. This is one of those books that are written to help people understand the people around them, who they know nothing about. It goes in depth to explain how the human mind works. From researching people who are being tortured during hostage training to understanding why people commit suicide. It covers so many interesting topics and made me question my interactions with the people around me and how I can be better at communicating with them. It’s an awesome book and I learnt a lot from it. 

So those are my four picks for lockdown reads. I’d love to hear yours, so don’t be afraid to comment and let me know what they are! 

I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe during this time. I’m sending love and good vibes to you all.


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