Rimmel Stay Matte Range Review

Watch my Youtube Make up Look Here! I was literally the happiest girl on the planet when Rubybox sent me this amazing range from Rimmel. 12 amazing matte lip colours that promise long lasting wear (12 hours- HELLO!) and if that’s not enough for you, they’re also touch proof, waterproof and kiss proof! (Basically LifeContinue reading “Rimmel Stay Matte Range Review”

#CherubsCares Facial Wipes (Review)

Two weeks ago I was sent the new Cherubs Facial Wipes from the Beauty Bulletin. They sent me a great little hamper that contained facial wipes for normal skin (Blue) and for sensitive/dry skin (Pink) as well as some cotton wool pads and buds. My first impression of this product is that it removes myContinue reading “#CherubsCares Facial Wipes (Review)”

Smash box Primerizer (Review)

Great Product Alert! Finding a good primer is vital for your skin, especially if you wear make up often. I recently found put about this great product from Smashbox called the Primerizer! It’s a Primer and a moisturiser in one product!   So basically it offers 24 hour hydration for your skin and gives youContinue reading “Smash box Primerizer (Review)”

6 Products I Can’t Live Without

There are a few beauty products I cannot imagine my life without. And when you find a product that works for you, the nice thing to do is share it with others. So here we go 20 Somethings, these are the 6 Products I can’t live without. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water This is the makeContinue reading “6 Products I Can’t Live Without”

Avon Black Suede for Men

What’s up 20 Somethings! Ladies, this one is for the men in your life. Also it’ll make a great gift for them, so stay where you are and find out more. Rubybox sent me the latest in Avon’s fragrances: Black Suede for Men. I opened it to find a bottle perfectly designed for the modernContinue reading “Avon Black Suede for Men”

3D Fiber Lashes (Product Review)

Good Morning, 20 Somethings! So this week, I was sent the latest product from Brinea Beauty, their 3D Fiber Lash+ Mascara. Now, I am a big fan of long lashes. My collection of fake eye lashes is extensive. So when I was sent this product, which promises long, bold lashes – I was excited toContinue reading “3D Fiber Lashes (Product Review)”

Local Make Up Brands You HAVE to Try!

Hey Somethings! So listen, I’ve always been into make-up, but the last few years I’ve been trying out some local brands, yep, I’m talking Make-up that was made by South Africans! There are many benefits to buying local, most of the time they are cruelty free brands (We doesn’t love animals?) and because they areContinue reading “Local Make Up Brands You HAVE to Try!”