My Natural Hair Product Awards

Whats Up 20 Somethings!

So I have been reviewing natural hair products all year long, and I’ve posted most of my reviews on YouTube. You can watch them here.

As 2019 draws to an end, I’ve decided to list my favourite products of 2019! Yay! Lets go!

Favorite Co-Wash

I Tried out a range of Co-washes this year, and it’s become a product I cannot live without. My faves were: The Tresemme Botanic Co-Wash and The Perfect Co-Wash from

But I can only pick on favourite and the L’Oreal Elvive Extrodinary Oil Low Shampoo was by far my favourite! Watch my first review here!

Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner Range

I played around with different brands this year regarding shampoo and conditioners. Standouts for me were the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula and As I Am.

But my fave has to be Aunt Jackie’s! Their products all just work so well with each other.

Favorite Detangler

I was on the hunt for a great detangler this year, because when I say I have knots, I mean, I HAVE KNOTS.

I looked forward to using the Tresemme Detangling Creme and Nilotiqa Detangling Creme but both didn’t live up to my expectations in the long run.

After seeing everyone rave about it I finally tried “Knot on my Watch” from Aunt Jackie’s, and I will never use anther detangling product again! I’ll write a review early in 2020.

Favourite Leave-In Conditioner

Not even gonna play, Cantu Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream. It’s the best trust me.

Favorite Curl Activator

Now I’ve always been an Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La girl, but this year I tried a few new curl activators like; Creme of Nature and Vatika and I must say, Vatika has become my new favourite. Its amazing and affordable.

Favorite Hail Gel

I Love the Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Don’t Shrink Gel, it works wonders for my curls without making my hair flake or feel hard. It’s A medium hold, but I even use it to set my edges, with a little bit of hairspray. LOVE.

Favorite Brand

I used Aunt Jackie’s ALOT this year but I also started trying Cantu and I have to say I am impressed. Their products are a bit pricier but the quality is out of this world and my hair feels amazing!

Bonus Category: Favorite Hair Dye

Revlon Colorsilk. Hands down, best at home dye ever.

And that’s all folks. Thank you all for an amazing 2019. Thanks for all the love and support you’ve all shown. I hope you all have a blessed 2020.

Here’s to more make-up, curls and living our best lives.

Until next year!

Nadine x

Tresemme Botanic Range Review

Whatsup 20 Somethings!

So if you follow me on Instagram, I have been trialling the latest products in the Tresemme Botanic Range for the past few weeks and I am excited to let you know what I think of them.

I’ve previously reviewed the Botanic Shampoo and Conditioner and the Co-Wash. Today’s review is focussing on the three new products in the range: The Rich Oil Mist, The Hair Food and the Pre-Wash Detangling Butter.

So a little background: Tresemme realised that South African women were wanting products for their natural hair that would help nourish and protect dry and damaged hair. So the South African Tresemme Team started to work on their own range for South African Women, by South African women, and this is how the Botanic Range was born. This range focusses on replenishing the moisture of your hair to leave it feeling soft and healthy. All the products are enriched with coconut oil and Aloe vera and is also free from silicones and dyes.

About the products…

The Hair Food: R39.99

This lightweight formula will help relieve dry and itchy scalp, while maintaining and protecting the hair’s natural moisture.

How to use:

Use the Botanic Moisture & Replenish Hair Food on damp or dry hair. Divide the hair into sections or lines using a tail comb. Base the hair food onto the exposed scalp. Massage the scalp working your way evenly onto the tips of your hair.

My Opinion:

I love the way this product leaves my hair, as it’s incredibly shiny and light weight. You must not mistake it for a styling product however, this will not prevent frizz or define your curls- it’s main purpose is to lock in moisture an protect your hair and scalp. It’s a great product for women who are wearing protective styles, like braids, but want to ensure the health of their hair and scalp. I don’t think this is the right product for me with Type 3C hair, I’d recommend this for ladies with Type 4 Hair. Try not to use too much as it’s extremely oily.

Rich Oil Mist: R139.99

The formula of the Rich Oil Mist contains a botanical blend of coconut, corn and sunflower seed oils, with a splash of aloe vera. This product moisturises and softens the hair and helps make it more manageable. It’s meant to define the driest locks and leave the hair feeling moisturised and soft.

How to use:

Start with our Botanic Moisture & Replenish collection of shampoo and treatments to deeply cleanse and moisturise your hair. Our botanic rich oil mist can be applied on damp or dry hair.

For fine to normal hair, rub 1-2 pumps in the palms of your hands and apply from mid-lengths to ends.

For very dry hair, apply 3-4 pumps divide hair into sections and apply from root to tips.

My Opinion:

This really did leave my hair feeling incredibly moisturised and soft, however I did not feel that it helped define my curls at all, I achieve better definition from other curl defining products, which annoys me that Tresemme describes it as a product that will help with definition. If you suffer from very dry hair, this is the product for you. However at R139.99 I do think it’s a unnecessary addition to your hair routine if you’re already using product that are made specifically for dry hair. It also left my hair feeling quite oily. Not my favourite product in the world.

Pre-Wash Detangling Butter: R79.99

This product is meant to make your wash routine easier. It detangles 4 times faster with less breakage and damage to the hair, according to Tresemme. It’s paragon free and dye free.

How to use:

How to use: Begin with the Botanic Moisture & Replenish Pre-wash Detangling Butter for notted and tangled hair. Split dry hair into sections and apply a generous amount from root to tips. Leave in for 3 minutes and gently comb to detangle hair. Rinse thoroughly and follow with the Botanic Shampoo and Conditioner routine for a clean and soft feel or use the Botanic Co-wash for intense moisturisation.

My Opinion:

I was very excited when I heard about this product as I suffer from very tangled hair as well has extreme breakage. I like that it’s a pre-wash routine, which means that your hair is left manageable for the rest of your wash. On my first application I struggled to comb the product through dry hair and suffered from A LOT of breakage, I then experimented with dampening my hair after I had left the product on for three minutes and then combing through and this worked A LOT better for me. It makes your hair feel like silk which means it’s easy to comb through without much hassle.

It’s my favourite product in the new range of products.

Is it my favourite detangling product ever? No. But at R79.99 its worth adding to your hair routine if your hair is known to tangle.

If you wanna shop the Botanic Range you can use my link to get 30% off, as well as FREE SHIPPING!

I Suggest buying the shampoo and conditioner, the co-wash and the Pre-Wash Detangling Butter.

Let me know what you think of this range!

Until next time!


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