Dove EvenTone Deodorant Review

For the past two weeks I’ve been testing out the new Dove Eventone Deodorant. The lovely ladies at Rubybox sent it my way and gave me some information on this new little product:

What makes it different?

Due to hair removal methods like shaving and waxing, you might find that your underarm skin may be feeling the effects of the harsh treatment- resulting in dark marks on the skin. Dove has created new Eventone Deodorant to combat dark underarms by creating a formula with 1/4 moisturizing cream and calendula extract to help improve the appearance of the underarms.

It also promises 48 hour protection!

My opinion??

It feels great to use and I have definitely felt an improvement in the skin under my arms, it feels much softer even after I’ve shaved and I’ve noticed an improvement in its appearance.

Here are my before and after pictures:

As for it promising 48 hour protection, I’m yet to find a Deodorant which promises this and actually means it. I’m an active girl and on days when I’m working out, I’ve experienced that I’ll need to apply this Deodorant more than once to stay fresh. On normal days,however it lasts at least 24 hours, but the smell does start to fade and the protection seems to wear of throughout the day, not leaving me as fresh as I would like.

The verdict?

All in all, it’s an awesome product if you’re looking to take care of your skin under your arms then this new formula is for you. As a Deodorant, it gets the job done to a certain extent but you may need to reapply during the day!

Here’s what my friend, Nicole had to say about it:

“I enjoyed the moisturising effect that Dove eventone has and the fact that it was sensitive enough for my skin. However I feel that it didn’t have enough odor control for me and didn’t it didn’t provide me with 48 hours of antiperspirant.”

Will you be trying this product out??

Until next time!


My Fitness Journey: Defined Physique Fitness

So in November 2018 I was approached by Kyle who runs Defined Physique Fitness to start training with him, to achieve my fitness goals.

Naturally, I jumped to the opportunity and started training immediately.

I’ve had a few experiences with personal trainers before, but never with one who is as dedicated to my personal goals as Kyle.

In our first session, he tested my fitness levels and asked me to identify the areas of my body I’d like to work on.

I’ll share them with you, because I like you:

  • my arms are one of the most obvious areas on my body that show weight gain. I also have the upper body strength of a new born baby. I used to have great arms, so I’d just like to get them back to looking toned and strong.
  • I’d also like to work at losing some belly fat and getting myself back to flat tummy vibes
  • While I’m glad I’ve finally got a bit of a booty, I’d like to tone it and firm it a bit more.
  • My legs are very strong but they could use some toning -I’d also like to try and eliminate cellulite through exercise.

Here’s what I used to look like:

So the goal is to try and find a happy medium between what I look like now and what I looked like then- because I like things about both my bodies. I’ve felt very insecure lately about my body because I’ve picked up a bit of weight, but through this fitness journey and working out, I’m slowly regaining my confidence and starting to love my body and all the amazing things it can do.

It’s easy to be body-positive when you can fit into anything in the store, I’m trying to love my body in every shape and form it may take.

Working with Kyle has helped me push past my limits, he’s always in the gym with me saying, “just one more rep, Nadine” – and that’s the type of push someone like me needs. Our workouts are focused on what I want to achieve but Kyle also knows that I have to perform 6-7 shows a week which requires me to dance, so he gives me workouts that don’t leave me too fatigued afterwards.

Here’s a few examples of workouts we’ve done this far:

I’ve already started to look a bit more toned and people have pointed out the difference in my body- but nothing can compare to the confidence I’ve gained over the past few months. And for that I’ll always be thankful.

If you’re looking for a trainer who is dedicated to your goals and helping you achieve them, give Kyle a call on +27 74 247 1352 or email him at

Training takes place in Pinelands in a private gym, so you don’t have any muscle guys laughing at you while you’re struggling to do a push up (trust me, the struggle is real!)

I’ll be posting some update pics in a few weeks, so watch this space!

Until next time,


The Importance of a Good Sports Bra

For me, the search for a good sports bra, is never ending. But every now and then, when I do happen to find one, I wear it all the way till it’s dying day.

That’s why when the Beauty Bulletin asked me to trial a range of active bras from Anita, I was more than willing. I then attended a bra trial and fitting with the Anita team and learnt a lot about why a good sports bra is essential for every woman.


So why are they so important?

Well for starters, you’ll have experienced that your boobs bounce around when exercising, while bouncing is a natural thing for breasts, it can have serious long term effects on them. Your breasts have no muscles therefore the ligaments which give your breasts their size and shape, can break down during exercise when your boobs are bouncing. This then leads to sagging. 

A good sports bra will also help prevent bad posture and back pain especially in women with bigger breasts. (Whats up ladies!)


Get a Fit That’s Right For You:

When fitting a sports bra, you want to make sure you’re working with a professional. If you’re stuck by yourself however you want to get it right.

Most ladies will notice that one of their breasts are larger than the other- it is important to always fit a bra to your bigger breast.

When you put on a bra, you wanna scoop the boob from the arm pit and bring it into the bra cup – resulting in as little side boob as possible. Once this is done, you also want to ensure that your boobs aren’t bulging over the top. As this means the bra is either too tight around the back or the cup size is too small.

The last check is to do some bouncing exercises and see if the bra is offering the support you require.


About Anita:

Anita Bras has an active range that focuses on comfort and support above all else. And their cup sizes go up to a J (Thankfully!) Their design is fashionable and the attention to detail is evident on every bra. Their seams are completely flat, which contributes to a comfortable fit, that doesn’t cause any irritation. The fabric is soft and breathable but still offers amazing support.

They’ve also released a crop top which works as a support system for sports bras you already own but may not be giving you the support you need. 


My Opinion:

The bras are extremely comfortable, they gave me a sports bra and a crop top to accompany it. 

I’ve been working out only using Anita bras the past week and I can definitely see a difference. My boob bounce has decreased and I don’t feel the need to hold onto the girls every time I break into a jog.

I really like the fact that the straps are cushioned and easily adjustable – The strap tightness can be changed at the front of the bra! This helps a lot, because during a workout, once the fabric heats up, your bra might allow for more bounce, you can then adjust it accordingly to eliminate the bounce!


I’m really in love with the crop top. The design is perfection and the fabric feels amazing on the skin. And it really just gives you that extra bit of support when you need it.

I do wish that they were able to give me a cup size one bigger than the one I received, I think then it would have been a perfect fit for me, but using the crop top with it as well has compensated for the incorrect sizing. 

All in all, its a beautifully designed sports bra that does exactly what you need it to do. If you’re a woman looking for better support while exercising, I would definitely recommend Anita Active Bras. They’re available at a Storm In a G Cup store near you or online at Anita.Com

Which brand of sports bra do you use? Let us know in the comments!


Stealth Fitness Claremont (Review)

What’s up 20 Somethings!

Last Saturday I woke up early and started my day with a workout/grid class at a new gym called Stealth Fitness in Claremont.

About Stealth:
The gym is owned by a young man named Esmond, who completed courses in Personal Training, sports massage therapy and nutrition. Esmond spent his time after graduating travelling and working as a personal trainer and massage therapist before opening his own gym. The aim of the gym is to deliver quality service and to ensure that their members see the value in making healthier life choices. The welcoming environment encourages these life choices. Everyone is welcome at Stealth, they ensure that members feel included and looked after at all times. There are on-site bio-kineticists and sports massage therapists in addition to a team of personal trainers.
There is also a coffee shop that serves amazing pre-workout drinks and Nutritech bars for after a heavy workout.


My Experience:
I took a class with an old friend of mine, Sune Esch. Who is a trained dancer- which contributes to a great workout due to her dance history. She understands the way the human body works and provides clear instruction as to how to perform the exercises without endangering your body in anyway.


The class started with a step warm up, which got everyone’s blood flowing in preparation for the grid workout we did afterward.

The class sizes are small, which means that you get individual attention during your workout, which is a great perk when compared to some of the bigger gyms in the area.

I worked up quite the sweat in this class and felt that I got a well rounded workout and a dynamic stretching session at the end. Stretching is very important for me as I feel that a lot of gyms overlook the cool-down stretch at the end of a class, but this was not the case at Stealth. (check out our Instagram @20SomethingsBlog for the workout video)

The gym facilities are good, despite the small size of the gym, it’s perfect for personal training sessions and small group classes. So if that’s the type of workout you’re looking for, Stealth is for you.

On the negative side:
The music was played straight from Youtube and didn’t really fit the “workout” vibe at all. For me, music is a huge part of a workout, if the music isn’t good, I find little motivation to push myself. Of course, this could be rectified by just making a proper workout playlist to play at the gym. I have a great workout playlist I could share with them if they need it.


If you want to try Stealth Fitness out in Stadium on Main, Claremont, they are offering free classes for the rest of October!
Check them out on Facebook:

Until Next Time!

360Training: Boxfit (1st Impression)

So 360Training is running a campaign, which basically got me a month’s free membership which will allow me access to all their classes for August! Pretty awesome right?

360Training is a specialised training facility, they offer classes like Boxfit, Kettle bell, Bikini Body, CardioBlast etc. -Classes that are specific to your fitness goals.

I decided to try out the Boxfit class, I thought after a long day of work, it would be a chilled out class to take to end my day. I was so wrong. I died. A million times. Like I though I was fit, but clearly I was not Boxfit. The mat underneath my punching bag was wet with my sweat. It was great.

FullSizeRender 16

The class is beginner friendly, despite the fact that there were people who have clearly been in the class for ages. The instructor is always walking around ensuring that everyone is keeping up with the pace of the class and he tries his best to correct you on your technique if you’re getting it wrong.


It must be noted that this class is not for the faint hearted. The instructors will push you to your limits but if you’re dedicated to your fitness goal, you won’t let some shouting and slaps in the face (When you aren’t keeping your gloves up) deter you in any way.


At the end of the day, it was an insane workout, my arms are shaking as I type this. What I really like about the 360 classes is that is seems like more of a community vibe than the classes I’ve taken at my local gym. The instructors know the names of the regulars and everyone seems determined to get the job done as well as help out someone who is struggling. Plus its always nice to have someone understand where you’re coming from when you swear under your breath during a class.

I’ll be trying to get to as many Boxfit classes as I can this month, that is my goal for August. If I have a chance I will try out some of their other classes and be sure to let you know how it goes!

Check them out at

Until next time!