Local Make Up Brands You HAVE to Try!

Hey Somethings!
So listen, I’ve always been into make-up, but the last few years I’ve been trying out some local brands, yep, I’m talking Make-up that was made by South Africans!

There are many benefits to buying local, most of the time they are cruelty free brands (We doesn’t love animals?) and because they are local, shipping fees (for my ladies who buy online) are much less! So after doing some research, I’ve narrowed my list down to some of my favourites.


1. Flormar
Okay so this brand isn’t 100% South African, they’re actually an Italian Make up brand which opened up here. They run from their online store and have like two little stores but they’re pretty great. If you follow Rushana Isaacs on Instagram, you’ll know this brand. I’ve tried out a few of their products and I liked them. The only thing that I have a problem with is the size of their products, they get used up pretty quickly. (I like long lasting make-up products)

If you’re interested in trying out this brand, I’d go for their Illuminating Primer, their Perfect Coverage Concealer (Which comes with a convenient application wand- I use a shade that’s two shades lighter than my skin tone, you know for contouring life) and their Long-lasting lip pencils (which I use as lipsticks most of the time!)

FullSizeRender 6

If you’ve tried this brand, be sure to let me know which products are your fave!

Check them out on Instagram @FlormarSA

2. Estella Cosmetics
I haven’t actually tried this one, I found them while doing some research. They seem to run off social media and do not have their own website yet. The brand is 100% South African and was started by Salia Labo and Naledi Sibisi.

From their Instagram, it looks like they sell a beautiful range of liquid lipsticks (Made for darker Skin tones- YAAAS!) as well as, some amazing brush sets!

Check them out on instagram: @EstellaCosmetics
3. House of Bass Beauty
I’ve checked this brand out and it’s pretty cool. It’s a Pro Make up Artist Supply Store. Which means they have quite the range of brushes to choose from, as well as make up bags, brush holders, Concealer Kits – you name it!

What’s great is that they’re pretty decently priced. I got a five-piece oval brush set for just R250!

Also, if you’re not about online shopping, they have a store in Maitland where you can shop till you drop!

FullSizeRender 3

Instagram: @houseofbassbeauty

4. Swiitch Beauty
This brand is by far my favourite local Make up brand. It was founded by a girl named Rabia, WHILE SHE WAS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. And now it’s one of the biggest South African, online make up brands! Crazy right?!

FullSizeRender 5

So I have majority of their products in my possession (I will do a full Swiitch Beauty review soon!) If you’re looking to invest in their products, my faves are The Slays For Days Palette and The Glowgasm Palette! YOU HAVE to try this brand, plus they have free delivery – what more could you ask for?

Join the 30K Babes who follow them on Insta here: @swiitchbeauty

Right, so those are my favourite local(ish) brands! Be sure to contact me and let me know what your favourites are!

Until next time !
Nadine 🙂

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