My Rushtush Glow Getter Journey

Hey Beautiful People,

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last written here, but you know, 2020 has been a rough on for me.

The one thing that had gotten me through this lockdown period has been working out, it’s done WONDERS for my mental health, even though I lost my job as a Barre instructor, due to this pandemic, I still continued to give myself at home Barre classes. I even started a YouTube channel where I uploaded some free workouts. (I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been really focused on growing my blog YouTube channel but next year I’m hoping to give it the attention it deserves)

But eventually I was feeling like I had hit a wall with Barre, I was no longer seeing a change in my body and it was as if my body had gotten used to that form of workout.

But of course the universe had a plan for me, as usual.

I saw a post on RushTush’s Instagram page a while back saying they were looking for a group of women to become Rushtush Glow Getters, which is a fancy way of saying ambassadors.

I thought, “what the hell, what do I have to lose?” and sent in my application…. and then forgot about it, assuming I wouldn’t be chosen… like Rushtush has a crazy fan base, I knew it was me against hundreds of girls. 

But to  my surprise, a few weeks later, I received an email to say I had been selected to participate in the 3 month Glow getter Challenge!

So if you’ve been following my personal Instagram page ( @nadinesuliaman ) you would have seen a little bit of my journey so far, but if you haven’t, this is what the GlowGetter journey entails.

  • 3 month subscription to the Rushtush Fit App (Now available on Apple and Android Devices)
  • Access to Rushtush eating plans
  • A package filled with Rushtush Pharmaceuticals

And all I have to do in return? 

Workout, eat right, take the supplements and share my experience on my social media platforms. Sounds like a sweet deal right? Well that’s because it is!

So I’m currently in my 7th week as a GlowGetter and I am writing this post to let you know how it’s been going so Far and just tell you a bit about my experience using the RushTush products.

The Pharmaceuticals 

I was sent quite a range of products from RushTush which have been aiding me on my journey, the supplements I have been using are as follows:

  • Metabolic Spray
  • Gluc Support
  • Whey Protein (Original)
  • Whey Protein (Chocolate)
  • Detox Tea
  • L-Glutamine

All of the above have been vital in my fitness journey as a GlowGetter, so I’ll tell you a little a bit about each of them.

Metabolic Spray

Let me start by saying this, no one can prepare you for the taste of this spray. It’s bitter AF and leaves a terrible aftertaste… the only thing that makes you stick to those 4 sprays every morning on an empty stomach, is knowing that this shit works. And at R800 a bottle, you’ll be glad that it does. But if faith in the product isn’t enough to down the spray every morning, I suggest having a lukewarm cup of lemon water to wash it down. I often wash it down with my L-Glutamine.

But what is a Metabolic Spray you ask?

Well to copy directly from the website:

“The Metabolic oral spray contains lipotropic factors that may support a healthy metabolism. Metabolic oral spray releases fat throughout the body by specifically targeting its primary fatty deposits. This product is preserved in medicinal alcohol. No Sugar Added.”

As this spray is high in Vitamin B ingredients, you’ll find that it assists with energy levels. I’ve really noticed a change in my stubborn fatty areas since using this spray.

It must be noted that you may not exceed 4 sprays a day and that the Metabolic Spray is not for use of women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Gluc Support

This one is probably my favorite pharmaceutical. You take two capsules a day, with meals. And what it does is it helps manage your body’s glucose levels… so as someone who has a sugar addiction, this has worked WONDERS for me.

I used to finish an entire chocolate in one sitting, but now I just have a few blocks and I’m satisfied. I find that my sugar cravings are less frequent since being on this supplement and this is something I definitely recommend to the ladies who crave something sweet 24/7.

Here’s what the Rushtush website says about it:

“Gluc-support is a formulation of ingredients in a capsule form that provides nutritional support in the body’s promotion of fat loss, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and reducing cravings. The chromium enhances insulin sensitivity, supports healthy blood sugar levels which helps the body to faster metabolize carbohydrates and fats.”

Not for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Whey Protein

There’s not much to say about Whey Protein, because well, it’s whey protein. But what sets Rushtush whey protein aside from other whey proteins on the market is that it contains collagen to support glowing skin, growing nails and healthy hair and it also contains no added sugar. I personally enjoy the original flavor because I can add it to my smoothie and it doesn’t change the taste at all. A lot of girls prefer the chocolate variant, but the taste is incredibly bland, which isn’t a bad thing, it just means it doesn’t contain any of the artificial ingredients. 

But adding two scoops to my smoothies or juices really sustains my hunger until my next meal.

“The Rushtush Whey in Chocolate flavour has a pleasant taste which can be used in baking and cooking. Our whey protein contains an incredible range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly into the body. Numerous studies show that it can help you increase strength, gain muscle and lose significant amounts of body fat. We’ve taken Rushtush Whey Protein a step further by adding collagen to our formula.”

Detox Tea

As someone who only drinks Rooibos, let me just tell you, this tea does the damn things…like it’s so damn yummy, I can’t deal. I add a teaspoon of honey to it and it really gives me the afternoon pick up I need when I’m hitting an energy slump.

“A comforting herbal blend to aid detoxification, providing energy and clarity.

Make with freshly boiled water. Steep 5-10 minutes or longer if you prefer a stronger brew. Enjoy with or without milk, sugar/honey or a slice of lemon, and 1 teaspoon of your RushTush Premium Collagen. Also perfect as an ice tea on warmer days.

Ingredients: Green honeybush (43%), lemongrass, ginger, liquorice root (9%), spearmint, rooibos and senna.

Consult with your medical practitioner if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you are taking medication before using.”


There’s really not much to say about this one, as L-Glutamine Is pretty much the same no matter where you get it from. It really helps me with recovery after hectic workouts so that I’m not feeling too sore the next day. I take it 1-2 times a day depending on how hectic my workout is. 

“L-Glutamine is known to assist with muscle recovery and cellular regeneration. It can prevent infection, inflammation and bloating. The product may also reduce cravings and improve gut health. RushTush L-Glutamine is halaal, gluten-free, soya-free and suitable for vegans. Recommended use for adults: For best results, drink 1 teaspoon (5g) with water 1 hour before exercise. Repeat after exercise or before bedtime.

Warning: Avoid using if you are pregnant, nursing or if you have liver problems. If you are sensitive to MSG, you may be sensitive to glutamine as the body converts glutamine to glutamate. It is recommended to supplement with B vitamins if taking L-Glutamine long term.”

So that’s the supplements done and explained. It must be noted that none of these pharmaceuticals have been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council and you should consult with your doctor if you have any preexisting  conditions before trying any of the above. 

Now let’s talk about the Glow Cleanse:

This cleanse has really helped me change up my previously unhealthy diet of fried goodies and potatoes. 

As someone who doesn’t really like to eat healthily and literally avoids greens at every turn, I was quite frightened to try this cleanse. But omg. Guys. I’m out here cooking veggies for dinner and drinking green juices for breakfast. Like who am I even?!

What I really love about this cleanse is the range of smoothie recipes it has, as someone who struggles with the texture of certain fruits and veggies, a smoothie is the easiest way for me to get the nutrients I need from my diet.

A common misconception about a cleanse is that you’re barely gonna eat anything, which is a LIE. Babes, you’re gonna eat… possibly more than you’re used to. The cleanse is structured into five sections; breakfast which is usually a smoothie, a morning/afternoon snack, lunch, a late afternoon snack, dinner.

Now listen babes, I’m always a girl on a budget but I’m also a girl who’s been out of work all year basically, so I couldn’t afford to go all in because let’s be real, eating healthily is expensive and a privilege that not everyone has. Like have you seen the price of almonds these days?!

So knowing where to shop is a must when it comes to making this an affordable part of your life. I’ve found that ordering from has been the most affordable option when it comes to fruit and veggies, they’re cheaper than the supermarkets and they only charge R20 for next day delivery! They’re absolutely amazing.

A lot of this cleanse includes eating fish, another expensive addition to the grocery list,  but don’t worry, I’ve found an affordable place to shop all tour marine life needs. Fish4Africa is in Woodstock and I’m pretty sure you can order online from them too for much less than the supermarkets.

Yes the Glow Cleanse takes time and money, but if you’re committed to it, you will figure it out. I’ve been prepping all my smoothie ingredients on a Sunday for the upcoming week and then freezing it, which means that they’re always ice cold and ready to blend. So far I’m loving it.

The Rushtush Fit App

So I’ve used my fair share of workout apps in the past and I find the Rushtush Fit App quite enjoyable.

When you join you get to pick your fitness level and your fitness goal for the next 8 weeks. So I chose Advanced Level to Lose Weight and let me just say, my first workout showed me FLAMES.

Each week consists of 5 workouts, at least that’s how it works on my settings. The first and third workout is a Full Body day, which is usually weight training with either a kettlebell, weighted bag, medicine ball or Yoga Ball. The second, third and fifth days are dedicated to 30 mins of Cardio, which is either a jog/run, incline walk, skipping, elliptical, cycling or rowing.

What I really love about the app is the versatility of the workouts on it, it’s very rare that you’re doing the same thing twice, and you’re cross training which means that the routine will never bore you or get monotonous.

These workouts are not easy though, they are going to make you sweat and a lot of the time I feel like giving up halfway through. Sometimes I have to skip the last set because I’m so pooped from the previous sets. I love the challenge this app brings with every workout.

But the app does have some issues which annoy me:

  • The videos sometimes refuse to play, I don’t know what the problem is but some videos won’t play on my wifi or my data, which means a lot of the time I have to guess what the exercise is.
  • I wish there was an option where you could state what equipment you have access to and then the app will curate your workouts accordingly. Because if you’re working out from home, you’re gonna struggle when you don’t have access to an entire gym. For instance I started off with just a kettlebell, but a lot of the workouts needed weighted bags and medicine balls, so I had to adjust the workouts to work with what I had available.
  • There are some videos where there’s no explanation and just Rushda doing the exercise, which is fine. But I think it would be helpful if they added some voice overs with some tips on how to execute the movement in a safe way. Just simple reminders to squat with your knees over your toes, or to not arch your back when lifting heavy weights or to activate your abs etc. Because there were some moments where I was just like, “How do normal people not injure themselves doing this exercise without the safety tips?” But maybe that’s just the barre instructor in me.
  • Lastly, some of the workouts are often a combination of movements and she doesn’t state what counts as a full rep. This may be a bit nitty gritty but the crazy in me would prefer if she showed me what a full rep is and then stated that you do 10 of those.

But besides those little things, the app works well if you’re hoping to get a good workout with a trainer but you can’t afford their rates. And that’s the best thing about this app, it’s affordable! R250 a month for a year?! Are you nuts? And if that’s not a reason enough to download it, you will also get the first two weeks free when you sign up. Yes Please!

My Overall Thoughts

I am a completely different person from the girl I was 7 weeks ago. I’m finally eating right and taking care of myself. The biggest lesson I have learnt from this journey is that if you do not show up for yourself, no one else will. And I’ve been showing up for myself everyday for the past 7 weeks, building a stronger, more resilient woman out of myself. I’ve noticed a small but crazy change in my body since starting this challenge and have really seen a difference in the areas I used to struggle with in the past. I can’t wait to see my progress by the time we make it to week 12!

And even though we’re all individuals in this journey, a big part of what makes the Glow Getter Squad so special, is the actual Glow Getter themselves, they are the best group of women who offer emotional support to one another at every turn. Our WhatsApp group is nothing but love!

So that is a little update on my Rushtush Glow Getter journey, if you have any questions, please drop it in the comment section!

Thanks for reading if you made it this far 🙂

Okay, I’m out!



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