Eurotrip: Prague, Czech Republic

I had no idea what to expect when traveling to Prague, I didn’t know much about the city beforehand. And I’m so glad I didn’t, because it blew me away. The landscapes, the architecture, the cafes – what a beautiful little city.


We started our day in Prague visiting the Prague Castle, which dates back to the 9th century! Our walking tour consisted of walking from the castle, through the cobblestone roads, past the thousands of cafés and over the Charles Bridge, where you get the most amazing view of Prague and get to do some souvenir shopping. We also headed for the town square where we saw the astronomical clock and some more of Prague’s gems.

We spent the evening getting dinner at the Plus Prague Hostel, before heading off to a club called the Golden Tree- if you’re looking to party, this club is amazing. It’s three floors underground, with even a pole dancing section (if that’s what you’re into!) haha – but the music was great, the drinks were decently priced and we had a great night!


I spent the second day exploring the city, walking around from the town square and winding through the roads. In the afternoon, we took a tour of a soviet nuclear bunker with The Prague Communism and Nuclear Bunker Tour. This was pretty cool and our tour guide really made the experience worth while. The nuclear bunker is still ready for future use and can store up to 2000+ people. It was originally intended for 5000+ people, but being down there shows you why that would be uncomfortable. The tour includes information about Prague’s communist history and gives you the option to dress up in some old soviet army outfits and gas masks.

The rest of the group went off to a traditional Czech dinner with folklore dancing. I opted for a night in, to catch up on some much needed rest!


All in all, Prague moves up on my list and is now my favorite city! Add it to your bucket lists, it will change your life.


Next stop, Munich!

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