Eurotrip: Munich and Tyrol

The next stop on my journey was Munich, Germany. As we only had one day in the city, we had to try and fit in as many activities as we could into 24 hours.

We started off by taking a bike tour through the city with Mikes Bikes Tours, this tour is a must for anyone looking to explore the city’s attractions when you don’t have a lot of time. The tour guides are informed and witty and make for an entertaining bike ride. We saw some of the old Bavarian buildings and monuments.

We visited a few of the beer gardens, where we could catch some lunch. The English Garden is a must see, the locals spend their summers next to the river that runs through the garden and you might even see some topless sunbathers.


Our evening ended visiting the Hofbrauhaus, which houses some of Munich’s local beers and cuisine. It gets extremely full, but the environment is lively and enjoyable.


Next on our tour was a short stay in Austrian Tyrol, out in the country side.

On the way there, the group stopped for white water rafting. I didn’t join them as I thought it would be quite extreme but it turned out to be a very chilled experience for them.

I had signed up to go Tandem Paragliding, which is one of the main things you wanna do in Tyrol, but unfortunately due to weather conditions we were unable to do it.

There’s a few fun activities to do in the small town of Tyrol, the trout farm allows you to catch your own fish and have a chef prepare it for you. If you’re keen for a swim, the local lake is very popular and a beautiful landscape to take a dip in the water.


Tyrol is beautiful in the summer, which is why I can only imagine what it looks like in winter when it’s covered in snow! It’s a huge skiing destination in the winter, so if snow and skiing is what you’re after, that’s the perfect time to visit.

All in all, it was a great time in these two cities. The next stop on our trip took us to Venice, Italy! I’m ready for some pizza!!!

Nadine Suliaman


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